Erikk Castillon

Recording & Mixing Engineer | Record Producer | Guitar Instructor

Erikk Castillon has spent his entire life in the entertainment industry acquiring knowledge about music, instruments and sound recordings. Erikk officially began his audio engineering career in 2004 while living in Houston, TX. During his time in Houston, Erikk worked for various bands, producers and studios in the greater Houston area as a recording and mixing engineer. In 2014, Erikk moved to Uvalde, TX and opened Studio 3 Recording. Since moving back to his hometown, Erikk has worked with local and area talent and has either produced, mixed or engineered recordings that have received local, regional, national, and international major market AM/FM radio airplay. 

In addition to his audio engineering duties at Studio 3, Erikk also doubles as one of our music lesson guitar instructors. With over 30 years of guitar experience under his belt, Erikk has taught numerous beginning, intermediate and advanced guitarists how to either play or improve their existing skill set. While Erikk specializes in Rock, Blues and Tejano guitar, he has extensive experience in a variety of musical genres. 

Erikk Castillon (center) discusses musical arrangements with Richard Villarreal, Jr. (left) of the Anna Roman band and Jorge Arreola of the multi-Grammy Award winning Los Palominos (right).

Erikk Castillon (center) discusses musical arrangements with Richard Villarreal, Jr. (left) of the Anna Roman band and Jorge Arreola of the multi-Grammy Award winning Los Palominos (right).

Camille Sanders

Piano | Vocal Instructor...Bio Coming Soon!!!


Mario Rangel

Recording & Mixing Engineer | Record Producer | Drum Instructor...Bio Coming Soon!!!


Rachel Perez

Record Producer | Vocal Instructor

Vocal Instructor & Record Producer | Rachel Perez

Vocal Instructor & Record Producer | Rachel Perez

Bio coming soon!!!

Daniel Martinez

Guitar | Saxophone Instructor
Guitar and Saxophone Instructor | Daniel Martinez

Guitar and Saxophone Instructor | Daniel Martinez

Hi, my name is Daniel Martinez. I was born and raised in Uvalde, Tx. My interest in music began at the early age of 12 and the very first instrument I learned to play was the Saxophone. While in high school, I played in the marching band and had the privilege of being a part of many memorable recitals, concerts and band performances. Although I'm heavily influenced by classical music, it's blues-based music that really inspires me and moves my soul! I mean, how can anyone get enough of B.B. King, right? Currently, I'm a student at Southwest Texas Junior College and plan on pursing a degree in Radiology.

I'm proud to say that Studio 3's own Erikk Castillon was my guitar teacher and has been my mentor, friend and inspiration since I first stepped into the studio. From the day I learned my first chord, it's been hard for me to believe that I had not picked up the guitar sooner...I love it! For me, music just "came alive" at Studio 3 and that's the kind of enthusiasm and interest I hope to spark from my own students. 

"Have fun and let the music come alive." - Daniel Martinez

Pedro Gonzales

Piano Instructor

Hello! My name is Pedro and I was born in Uvalde, TX and lived here for 9 years and then moved to Leakey, TX, but have since moved back to my hometown! Leakey ISD is where I picked up the Trombone. I always considered being able to listen to music a privilege, but now I had the ability to actually create music! Throughout the years I also learned how to play other instruments such as the piano, baritone, trumpet, and percussion. While in high school, I also learned how to compose music. Thanks to a wonderful teacher, I developed the life-changing capability of expressing myself through music!

I was able to be part of a band that loved music as much as I did and do things we never thought would be possible. My senior year, I was given the privilege of being head drum major and the honor of arranging our marching show music which we eventually took to the state competition. So many lasting and amazing memories were made from day one to my very last day of marching band!

Helping others to find themselves in music is an unexplainable feeling. The excitement of being able to build your own piece, play what's on the charts, or even a timeless classic is something I wish to share with others who have the same passion for music as I do.


Piano Instructor | Pedro Gonzales

Piano Instructor | Pedro Gonzales

Sandra Castillon

Studio Manager | Owner

Sandra Castillon grew up in Uvalde, TX and graduated from Uvalde High School and SWTJC. Soon after graduation, Sandra moved to Houston, TX, where she earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Houston. After a long and satisfying career in the teaching profession, Sandra moved back to Uvalde to pursue a life-long dream of owning her own business.  

As owner and studio manager, Sandra oversees the day-to-day operations at Studio 3 and has done so the previous four years. As a former educator, Sandra knows the value of learning a new skill and pursing one’s dreams and is, therefore, dedicated to helping others do just that! If you or someone you know is interested in learning how to play a musical instrument, give Sandra a call and she’ll be more than happy to help you with enrollment. Similarly, if you’re a musical artist interested in recording, Sandra can answer questions you may have regarding the recording process.

Studio Manager | Sandra Castillon

Studio Manager | Sandra Castillon