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The Studio 3 Music Lessons is Uvalde's leading choice for music instruction. We offer a complete musical learning experience with both private and group lessons for guitar, keyboards/piano, voice, drums, and bass. At Studio 3, we "individualize" our private instruction to meet the specific needs and goals of our music students and we "customize" our group lessons so that each student may be given the best possible opportunity to learn, develop and master their instrument within the context of a "performing band" setting (while also focusing on developing stage presence, teamwork and leadership skills).

At Studio 3, we teach according to our mission statement: "Learn...Create...Compose...Perform." Therefore, we strive to nurture our students in all facets of their musical and artistic development. From learning their first chords or vocal breathing techniques to composing their own musical pieces and performing in front of a live audience, our students will always be confident & competent musical artists and performers.

Group and Private classes offer a wide variety of benefits:

  1. Highly skilled teacher (Confidence in knowing that the students will be on the most effective and efficient path to success)
  2. Optimized learning experience 
  3. Community of students to help with the learning experience (encouragement, support and accountability)
  4. Performance-oriented environment (helps overcome nervousness, stage fright and develops confidence)
  5. Leadership, teamwork and communication skills are strongly nurtured

What exactly will you "GET" when enrolling in our music lesson program? 

  1. Weekly 1-hour group lesson (no more than 5 students) or
  2. Weekly private 30 min. class session  
  3. Opportunity to learn your instrument & music theory by playing songs YOU want to learn!
  4. Free Drum Loops/ Tempo Tracks (to aid with timing)
  5. (2) Student Concert-Recital opportunities a year (for actively enrolled students only)

Please take some time to read our guidelines & policies document below and call us today to begin fulfilling your musical dreams and goals by letting Studio 3 provide you with the highest quality music instruction!!!

Studio 3 Music Lesson Guidelines & Policies

Pricing & Policies

Guitar | Piano | Voice | Drums | Bass Lessons:  All music lessons are $25 per class (tuition is paid on a monthly basis). Private lessons are one-on-one sessions that meet once a week for 30 minutes. Group lessons consist of 4-5 students and meet once a week for one hour.

NOTE: At this time, our group classes are full and we are only offering private lessons. Our next group lesson cycle will begin FALL 2021. Call our office at 830-275-8252 to reserve your seat!

Please take a moment to read our guidelines & policies document below:
Studio 3 Music Lesson Guidelines & Policies


A Final Note Regarding Music Lessons...

When you decide to enroll for music lessons, the Studio 3 team is ready to make a commitment to you and your musical/artistic growth and it's only fair that we expect the same from our students. So, to get the maximum benefit out of your lessons, we strongly encourage our students to make a 3-month commitment to the program. We also strongly suggest you practice a minimum of 30 minutes per day and that you DO NOT miss classes. Make the lessons program a priority in you or your child's life and, when your teacher thinks you're ready, you'll have the privilege to participate in either a Fall or Spring recital-concert to display what you've learned and to also gain the kind of real-world musical experience NO instructor can teach!
June 2024 Tuition: Music Lessons
  • June 2024 Tuition: Music Lessons

June 2024 Tuition: Music Lessons

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