Studio 3 Recording

Booking Policies & Rates

At Studio 3, our rates are always simple, straightforward and competitive. Whether it’s recording, mixing, editing, or a custom jingle, rest assured, we offer super-competitive prices for a fully-equipped recording studio. 
NOTE: All rates listed below include a recording engineer.

Studio Rates:

  • Monday - Saturday: $50 per hour.
  • Please Note: A two hour minimum and booking deposit is required.
  • Sunday: Closed

Day Rates:

  • Monday - Saturday Rate: $450 per day.
  • Day rates require a deposit of $225. The remaining balance may be paid at the end of the session.
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Day rate includes 8 consecutive hours of studio time. 

Mixing Services:
For projects that have been recorded at Studio 3: 

  • Up to 24 tracks: $50 per hour (assisted) or $200 flat rate (unassisted). 
  • 25 - 100+ tracks: $60 per hour (assisted) or $350 flat rate (unassisted).  

Mixing services for projects recorded at other studios: 

  •  $350 per song (unassisted only)

All unassisted flat rates include (1) free revision if requested within 10 days of mix completion. Any revisions after that will be billed at $40 per hour.

Audio Editing: $45 per hour.

Custom Jingle/Radio Spot: $50 each (Includes 1 free revision. Any revisions after that will be billed at $40 per hour).

Audio Format Transfer: $30 per album (1 album = 10 songs). Transfer your cassettes, LP’s, CD’s, DATS, & ADATS to the digital media of your choice (price does not include any audio editing/audio cleaning). Audio edits/cleaning will be billed at an additional $35 per hour.

Voice recording with karaoke / instrumental track: $40 per hour (2 hour minimum).

Cheer & Dance Music Mixes: $45 per hour. These are high quality, full-bandwidth music mixes, not a “phone app edit,” distorted, or choppy, low grade audio file. Includes 1 free revision. Any additional revisions will be billed at $45 per hour.

Music Producer Rate: Music production rates are dependent upon the scope and intention of the project and are negotiated between the artist and music producer. We'd love to discuss your next recording project, give us a call at 830-275-8252 to set up a free consultation with one of our music producers!


Cutting a single? Cutting a record? Cutting a voice-over? How about a radio spot or custom jingle? Need some backing tracks for your next project? Need to get your audio tracks edited or cleaned-up? Maybe you already have a single or a full-blown album and need it mixed? Perhaps you have songs you’ve recorded and you want to put them up on iTunes? Or, maybe you want to take your musical concepts from inception and turn them into reality and you need musical production on top of a great recording? 

At Studio 3 Recording, we can help!! We focus on performance-based artistry, providing an environment for the artist to reach down deep and get that performance of a lifetime. Studio 3 utilizes a "modern-vintage" recording model that allows us to take advantage of the benefits and workflow of digital recording platforms and the ear-pleasing signal path that only analog circuitry can provide. Our recording DAW of choice is the industry standard ProTools 12, and with a microphone selection ranging from boutique tube mics to classics such as the AKG 414XLII and the Shure SM7B, we're certain you'll get that sound you've been searching for! We also use tube pre-amps and compressors such as the Universal Audio LA 610, the timeless Teletronix LA-2A and the amazing Universal Audio 1176 for stellar sounds. Plug-ins, when necessary, are of high quality from manufactures such as Solid State Logic, Universal Audio, Waves, API, and Fairchild. Studio quality maple-shell Mapex drums, Ampeg SVT and Mesa Boogie tube amps are also available to rent from the studio.

Studio 3 is committed to giving our clients the best possible recording studio experience. As such, we adhere to specific guidelines that allow you to maximize your studio experience, while also giving us the ability to perform our job effectively and efficiently. Please click on the booking policies document below, read it carefully, print it out, and bring it with you to your recording session!

Studio 3 Recording Booking Contract

We accept PayPal, Debit or any other major credit card.